Halloween: We Are Not Afraid

Some Christians do not celebrate Halloween and consider it at odds with their faith. Many other Christians are fine with Halloween and enjoy dressing up and decorating and carving pumpkins.. I respect the choices of parents who say Halloween is not for them, but I love Halloween. It was my mom’s favorite holiday. Her birthday comes just a week earlier, and she reveled in Halloween preparations combined with her own party. She taught me the fun of dressing up and trying on a new identity with a few touches of makeup and some old clothes. It is the Eve of All Saints, and now I count her among them. Halloween is when we laugh at the things that scare us, ghosts and monsters and skeletons. We laugh at death, and say “You won’t get me!” To me, that is a deeply Christian hope. The Mexicans remember their beloved dead at this time of the year, also. El Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is a time to celebrate eternal life and recall the blessed company of our loved ones. So, stock up on candy and welcome the trick-or-treaters – even the teenagers. Life is sweet. Death has no power over us, because we belong to Christ