Mary, Help Us Be a Light

On this feast of the Immaculate Conception, we recall how God perfected Mary from the very beginning, so that Christ could grow in her. Now, as are another week closer to the celebration of Christmas, we  pray to grow in family love so that our light will shine so brightly that we will light the way to Christ for others. We pray to Mary to help us truly see the light shining in the darkness. 

Family Advent Activity: Turn off the lights in the house. Talk about how we can change darkness into light by the good things we do for each other. Hold hands and make a tour of your house. As you move from room to room turn on the light and talk about what someone does in each room to light up other’s lives—what someone does in the family room that light up other’s lives, what someone does in the kitchen, etc. Light each room with a prayer for a special intention—a prayer for peace, a prayer for hope, a prayer for love, a prayer for joy, or a prayer for the needy.