Holyness in Every Famiy

Your families are holy.

Family life minister, Cathy Chesto, says: "Each of us has received the call to holiness in our baptism. All of us are called to live a religious life.  Christian parents live the vocation to married life, following this call to be like Christ, and to be Christ to others. Every parent who loves a child is called to teach and model the God who is love.  Every time we pick up a crying baby, we teach the first and the most important lesson on prayer: when you cry out, someone answers. Until you believe this, you cannot pray. God is present in the ordinary times of family life, in which all we do can become prayer."

Catholic tradition sees the family – mother and father with their children -- as a true expression of the Church – the “domestic church”. The leader of our church is the Pope, which means “Papa,” and Papa and Mama lead the church of the home.  In Follow the Way of Love, the U.S. Bishops point out that, no matter its brokenness or challenges, all families are holy because God is at work in them.