God Dwells with Us

God dwells with us. When we know where to look, we will see God at work in the high-energy, joyful days and in our most trying times, too. Where God is present, holiness is there.

We see parents sacrificing their own wants for their children’s good. We see mothers and fathers spending time together, nurturing their marriages. We see families reconciling after hurts. We see parents comforting members that are hurt. We see children urging their parents to learn and grow. We see them practicing hospitality to others, taking meals and visiting the sick and lonely. We see their Christian symbols on the house for Easter and Christmas and identifying themselves as followers of Jesus. We see them going to church and participating in liturgy. We see other Christians organizing actions that help the poor.    

Yes, the signs of God's Kingdom are all around us if we look with eyes of faith. How is your family holy?  In what ways do you see other families being holy? What will each of us do to inspire our families to see themselves as “domestic church” -- a training ground in which we become, as the Fathers of the Church taught, “good housekeepers” of God’s present and future kingdom?