How parish and friends can help families grow in holiness

Christian parents teach their children how to pray, how to embrace God’s loving commandments, how to grow in virtue and holiness. The Christian family whose members celebrate the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, establish a reciprocal relationship between themselves and the entire body of Christ that is the Church.  The Church is then able to teach that they are a kind of microcosm of the Church, a domestic church. Here's is how the parish and friends can help:

1.    Host a Christian parenting workshop for families of children preparing for First Communion or Confirmation. Include ways for the parents to stay connected after the workshop is finished.
2.    Supply family prayer helps and rituals for the home during the Advent, Christmas, Lent, before vacation season and the beginning of the school year.
3.    Invite three couples with children to participate in small family-style faith sharing group at the parish. Provide childcare for a portion of the meetings, offering the adults time to discuss and socialize. For resources, contact the Christian Family Movement, .