Marriage Enrichment Project #2 - Let Couples Lead the Way

Marriage is a gift that the spouses make to one another when they give themselves freely and accept the other completely. They may not realize how their marriage can be a gift to the community, When their love overflows to bear and nurture children, when they serve the needs of others, and when they give witness to God’s mercy and love in all aspects of their life, married couples fulfill their vocation. Invite some married couples to partner with parish ministers to improve society, one household at a time.

Practical parish plans:
1.    Invite a couple who have been married for many years or a couple that is active in ministry/community service together to share their experiences at a evening reception or morning brunch. Invite married, engaged and dating couples to attend.
2.    Marriage is celebrated with different customs in different cultures. Host a marriage enrichment evening that includes a presentation of wedding and courtship customs from many cultures.
3.    Arrange an opportunity for married couples to serve on a parish project or event as a couple, giving visible witness to their joint vocation to serve the community.

4. Pray that more people will be called to the vocation of marriage during Mass, just as we pray for priestly vocations.