Marriage Enrichment Project - Tapping Marriage Mentors

Many neighborhoods are blessed to have a married couple on the block that are the true “community makers.” This is the couple that everyone counts on to generate enthusiasm for the block party or to be the first to make a welcoming visit to new arrivals. When this special couple also happens to be Christians, their positive influence gives the Church a good name. People seek their opinion on moral questions or ask them to pray for their loved ones. They seem to enjoy working together in the yard and on church projects. Their dinner table always has room for another teenager. In such a couple, people witness the natural and supernatural dimensions of marriage, in the flesh.

For discussion:
1.    Think of a couple whose marriage you admire. Why do you admire them? What would you say are their best qualities? Do they have any weaknesses or flaws that you notice?
2.    What seems to make a marriage strong, despite the flaws of the spouses?
3.    In what ways can your marriage become a gift to other people, not only to one another?
4.    What practical steps could you take to extend encouragement or support to another couple that is struggling?
5.    What signs do you see that the love of a husband and wife benefits society?